Keys to interpreting media messages

News & Media Literacy, News & the Internet

Silverblatt, A., Smith, A., Don Miller, C., Smith, J., & Brown, N. (2014). Keys to interpreting media messages [worksheet]. Media literacy: Keys to interpreting media messages (4th ed., pp 203-9). Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger. Retrieved from

Description: This worksheet includes a series of questions to help readers determine the process, context, and framework of a media product.

Why I trust it: This worksheet is included in a book meant to aid people in decoding diverse types of media. It is published by Praeger, a company affiliated with ABC-CLIO and trusted by libraries worldwide.

Use: This worksheet can be used to help you evaluate the quality of a piece of information you find on the internet.

Access: Users can access this book through many university libraries including SUNY New Paltz and SUNY Orange. It can be requested through the UAlbany interlibrary loan system.